The New Sandero Stepway is the most versatile car of Renault. Our challenge was to show all this versatility online. So, we decided to create 07 sites: one for each day of the week, each day with a different theme.

Each site have cool features according to their themes, created with the help of great partners. 

Sunday - Beach - Trip Advisor Recommendations 
Monday - Music - Spotify and RDIO Playlists
Tuesday - Gastronomy - Veja Magazine Guide
Wednesday - Sports - Brazil's Skate Map
Thursday - Movies - Veja Magazine Reviews
Friday - Night - Oba Oba Curatorship
Saturday - Outdoor - Weather Forecast

Click on the image to see all the pages:

Agency: NeogamaBBH CW: Danilo Dualiby, Fabio Mozeli AD: Antônio Sandes, Marcelo Fiuza, Ivan Montebello, Higor Franco CD: Márcio Ribas